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As Marijuana Use Sparks Up …. DUI Deaths Dive

December 18, 2011

This year marks the fourth consecutive year that medical marijuana use seems to have gone up among young people, in accordance to an annual study by the College of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research. The report notes in which the upward trend is markedly different from the 1990s when marijuana use was in decline.

“Daily medical marijuana use is now at a 30-year peak level among high education seniors,” the report says.

Although more teens are smoking weed, fewer are drinking alcohol. This lasts a trend that’s been recently in effect since the 1980s, except for a brief period in the 1990s when drinking went up for a while.

Study results exhibited that 38.4% of 12th graders had used marijuana in the former year, the highest percentage in ten years, while 63.5% had used alcohol, compared to 77.7% in 1991.

The study was based on information gathered from 47,000 students in the 8th, 10th and 12th grades.

Marijuana Use Proceeds to Rise Amongst U.S. Teens, Although Alcohol Use Hits Traditional Lows (University of Michigan) 


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